Pleasure Bird is now live! Pleasure Bird is now live!
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Pleasure Bird is now live!

Pleasure Bird is now live!

Sex Toys & a pandemic go hand in hand 

Welcome to Pleasure Bird - Vancouver's premier same day delivery service for sexual health & wellness products! We recently launched in January 2020 in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

With most of the world spending more time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's not hard to imagine what people are doing to pass the time -- and we're not talking about taking up scrabble or learning to cook.

Many people are turning to sex toys to help them get through this time. Whether on your own, or with a partner, people are looking for new things to try to help pass the time indoors. Research studies have shown sex toy sales across Canada in 2020 have gone up over 200% than previous years. What better way to enjoy your time while you're stuck inside?

Pleasure Bird was launched to help Canadians normalize and prioritize sexual health & wellness during the pandemic by:

1. Making it easy to explore and purchase adult products in the privacy and convenience of your home

By offering a welcoming, easy to navigate web interface for people new to sex toys and adult pleasure products, we strive to make the shopping experience convenient and fun. Nobody enjoys awkwardly wandering around adult toy stores in person, and especially with the COVID pandemic, we are told it is best to stay home to help prevent the spread of infection. We understand the need for discretion and privacy around these purchases, which is why we offer completely discrete plain packaging and billing options. Nobody will ever know what's in your order.

2. Providing same day delivery in Vancouver.

In today's world with instant service-on-demand applications such as Uber and Doordash, our generation is fuelled and accustomed to instant gratification. Our competitive advantage over other sex toy retailers is our ability to get products to you the same day, rather than having to wait days or even weeks for your products to get in. We want to help you take advantage of the heat of the moment and live in spontaneity.

3. Offering education on sexual health and wellness

Growing up in an Asian household, there wasn't much sexual education from parents and even talking about the topic was considered quite taboo. Even for the general population, masturbation and sex are such a normal part of life, yet, remain a sensitive topic to talk about. Through our 'real talk' blog, we hope to share informative facts about sexual health & wellness, normalize the use of sex toys and create a safe, fun and trusted environment to learn and explore. 

Lastly, why Vancouver?

According to a study by PinkCherry, Vancouver is Canada's sexiest city.


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