The Best Sex Toys for Women (great for beginners!) and the most conven The Best Sex Toys for Women (great for beginners!) and the most conven – Pleasure Bird
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The Best Sex Toys for Women (great for beginners!) and the most convenient way to buy them

The Best Sex Toys for Women (great for beginners!) and the most convenient way to buy them

What are the best sex toys for women? Where do I start? Where should I buy them from?

The hardest part of shopping for sex toys is, well, picking the toy itself. There are so many different options out there, it can be so overwhelming for a beginner (who has never used sex toys before), to know where to begin. The next hardest part is physically buying them - there are so many online retailers, with different shipping times and prices. Plus I didn't want to go into a physical adult store to talk to anyone.

I wanted to share my own journey and experience of buying sex toys, I started off reading plenty of 'Best Sex Toys for Women' articles (yes, I am a woman) to see what was popular and trendy. The main challenges for me were:

  1. There were too many different products recommended and I got easily overwhelmed.
  2. The products are often sourced from different websites/retailers, and many of them didn't offer shipping to Canada (or very expensive shipping).
  3. I didn't know if the products were high quality and whether I could trust them (some were brands I had never heard of before).
  4. The products were often quite expensive, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $200 on a sex toy.

This drove the rationale behind choosing our small, curated selection of products offered on Pleasure Bird. We've taken the time to do the research of all of the best quality, top-selling and highest rated products across several adult stores, and selected our inventory based on these items.  This helps in the shopping experience, so instead of choosing from 100+ items, you now have a pre-curated list of the industry-leading products.

We only carry products from trusted sex toy brands (so nothing sketchy from China like you sometimes see on Amazon), while ensuring they are affordable, easy enough for beginners, but still enough variety to allow for creativity and versatility to help you explore deeper waters of your kinkiness.

In a series of upcoming blog posts, we'll be featuring our recommended products for women, men and couples who don't know where to start their sex toy exploration journey.

Starting off this series is Pleasure Bird's round-up of the best sex toys (in our opinion) for women. All products are beginner friendly and of course, carried on our website so you know that you can get your products delivered to your door, the same day (no shipping or waiting required!)

1. The Satisfyer Wand-er Women Massager, $69.95

In our opinion, the best all-round classic wand vibrator. Though the Original Hitachi Magic Wand may be more famous, it is also more expensive (almost double the price), is powered by a cord (unless you buy the wireless version, which costs even more) and has extremely strong vibrations (this one one is better for beginners). This Satisfyer wand massager is cordless, rechargable, feels super luxurious (has that silky feel rather than just hard plastic), is completely waterproof, and has 10 different vibration settings with 5 levels of intensity. If you're looking for something that offers stronger, more intense vibrations, this rechargable wand massager is extra powerful (and more affordable than the Original Magic Wand too!)

2. Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator in Pink Rose, $119.95

Womanizer is one of the original manufacturers of clitoral stimulators and still do it best. This toy is sleek, powerful, and gives you orgasms like no other. Anything directly stimulating the clitoris is working with around 8000+ nerve endings. This toy uses "pressure-air" technology, providing pulsating and massaging sensations down there. Waterproof and rechargeable, this model comes with 6 different vibration settings and is extremely sleek, portable and easy to hold, and travel with. Plus, it's pink!  For a less expensive option, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation does a great job too (but is just a bit less powerful, and a bit bigger to hold).

3. Eve's first rabbit vibrator, $47.96

This toy is the best of both worlds. Rabbit vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations than a traditional dildo or clitoral stimulator, by providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This toy is affordable, great for those looking for additional sensations beyond a normal dildo. 

4. Silicone Remote Rechargable Egg Vibe, $47.96

This mini remote controlled vibe is fun way to spice things up with your partner. The remote works within 10m and can add lots of unexpected kink to a night out (or in). The luxurious silky silicone feel makes it comfortable to wear for long periods out, while targeting sensitive spots. Not quite as advanced as some of those phone/app controlled ones (but also less than 50% of the price!)

5. Real Skin Whoppers 6.5 inch Dildo, $29.95

One of the more realistic dildos we carry. This one is girthy and has a nice natural curve which hits the g-spot and other sensitive areas during penetration. Comes with a strong suction cup and has a VERY realistic, texture. A runner-up dildo we recommend is the Basix Slim 7-inch Dildo, which is a bit slimmer but makes up for it in length!

6. Red Heart Gem Anal Plug, $24.95

While slightly different than the rest of the other toys (not for vaginal use), this one deserves a mention as a very versatile toy to add to your repertoire. The anus has a LOT of nerve endings that provide a very different type of stimulation when done correctly. This butt plug is a great one for beginners to get used to the sensations, get you primed for bigger things, and can be worn out or during partnered sex. Just remember to use lots of lube and to take your time. 

7. Lingerie - starting at $7.99

What woman doesn't like feeling sexy? Since this is highly dependent on personal preference, I won't mention any specific pieces. This was included as an item to highlight the importance of wearing lingerie for YOU, as a part of self-love. Wearing lingerie boosts confidence, self-esteem, and just makes you radiate feminine energy and power. It doesn't have to be anything provocative - wear your favourite pair of matching bra & panties, and see if you feel more powerful, sexy and confident. Some of my favourites are thigh highs, bodysuits and lace teddies for special occasions. 

If there's something you didn't see, check out the rest of our products for her.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts featuring our round-up of the best sex toys for men and couples.